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  • Networking events to showcase your business and meet new potential customers
  • Joint Chamber events to increase business exposure
  • Advertising discounts with local papers
  • Business name recognition and sponsorship opportunities available with each community event
  • Network with local people in the community to help build a loyal customer base
  • The opportunity to connect with other professionals who can help you grow your business

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Our goal is to gain strength in numbers and support from local businesses. In doing so, we can continue to enhance the community with information and resources bringing town government, businesses and residents closer together as cooperating entities.

Let's grow together. Join the Chamber and be a part of our rewarding community!


Karen Dunne Kesnig 

Vice President

Jay Gootenberg


Becky Collins



Board of Directors

Bruce Bentley

Peter Fournaris
‚ÄčTony DiGennaro

The Manorville Chamber of Commerce will play an active role throughout the Manorville Community. Our new website enables you to access information about our local businesses and community events.

Since it's start back in 2004, the Chamber has sponsored three annual noteworthy events: Easter Egg Hunt, Community BBQ and Christmas Tree and Menorah Lighting.